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stand up pouches
The use of stand up pouches continues to grow in both retail and industrial environments. With stock stand pouches available by the case, in quantities as low as 500 per carton, many folks hand apply colorful labels with great success. Over the years manufacturers have introduced various color combinations like clear fronts (so a product is typically seen) and colored foil backs like silver, gold, or black. This has enabled companies to feature color and a few of pizzazz to their packaging without adding much cost.
Become conversant in what you're stand up pouches packaging. While this might sound simple, often this is often not the case. Is your product dry or liquid? If it's dry, how fine is it the consistency of cat litter or is it microscopic dust? If a liquid, is it water-based or something else, like oil? Of these factors play a neighborhood within the material choices you'll have for printed get up pouches.
Read the article here stand up Pouches Packaging Direct is that the only company that custom designs specialty packaging via the web without having to satisfy with a customer face-to-face. This allows them to reply faster than the other company at the entire lowest cost.

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